The Story Behind CHAVI

Hello, My name is Vilmantė Chamentauskaitė and I am the founder of CHAVI

For me, CHAVI is not only a business or clothing brand. It is a passion project of mine and I aim to inspire, motivate, support, bring positiveness for plus- size women. Since I was little I was considered overweight, so for the majority of my life, I was and still am a plus-size girl. I was bullied and shamed for my look and clothing for my whole life was my protective shield, my self-expression thing and moreover what made me feel good about myself. But finding clothes that were my size and fit me was always a challenge. I cried in every possible changing room in all possible shopping centers. So CHAVI started a long time ago, it started when one little girl cried her eyes out in the changing room. CHAVI started with passion, from the need to solve the problem not only for me but also for others, it started from the bottom of my heart. I learned how to love myself the way I am and I strive to show the example for others. I dream that all women in the world would love themselves, be confident, smile, be happy, love life and enjoy it. And even if I can't reach that I am more than happy to provide one more clothing option for my fellow plus-size girls. 

Best of luck and stay positive!




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